Top 5 podcasts to help you prepare for a positive birth

I absolutely love a good podcast. I always marvel that I can get access to such a huge bank of incredible resources from my phone, into my ears at the touch of a button..all for free! FREE expert information, stories, interviews, guidance or  advice. For anyone wanting to soak up as much information as they can about birth, then in my opinion, podcasts are a great place to start. When I was pregnant with my first child, I couldn’t get enough of listening to anything I could get my ears on which was about birth, labour, pregnancy or homebirth. If it had anything to do with birthing babies then I was in. 

I wanted to learn everything I could, and understand as much as I could, about the labour and birth process, and these are the podcasts which I devoured, here are my top 5 podcast recommendations to help you prepare for a positive birth. 

  1. Birth-ed podcast

I just adore Megan Rossiter. Megan runs the amazing online hypnobirthing course Birth-Ed and also has this wonderful podcast. She is a fountain of knowledge which she shares in such an accessible way. The podcast is a series of interviews with industry experts, covering topics which focus on pregnancy and labour, but also subjects around motherhood,  the fourth trimester and more.  

Notable episodes:

  • Natalie Meddings- doulas and understanding labour
  • Cultivating self trust with Rachel Reed

2. The hypnobirthing podcast- the nurture nest

This podcast is so great for anyone dipping their toes into the world of hypnobirthing.

Start from episode 1 and work your way though. Claire the lovely host has made individual episodes which talk through hypnobirthing, what it is, how it works, how it can be used in different scenarios. The series then evolves into interviews, guided relaxations and birth stories. 

Notable episodes: 

  • Birth partners with Sallyann Beresford 
  • Birth story: A positive caesarean story 
  • Negativity and birth 

3. The Midwives Cauldron

If you’re a real birth-geek and really want to get into the nitty gritty research, then this is the podcast for you. It’s hosted by the incredible, Dr Rachel Reed and Katie James, two amazing Midwives, birth activists and experts in their fields. The episodes delve into a range of topics and dig deep into evidence and research. If you’re a midwife- then this podcast should 100% be on your list. 

Notable episodes:

  • The herstory of modern birth practices 
  • Pushing and cervixes 
  • Reclaiming birth as a rite of passage 

4. The ultimate Birth partner podcast 

I came across Sallyann when she was interviewed on The nurture nest podcast. I was so impressed with the interview that it compelled me to go digging and I found to my absolute delight that Sallyann had her very own podcast series. So I devoured the lot. The birth partner role is often an area which can get overlooked in birth. The focus, quite rightly, is on the mother, however, this doesn’t mean that the birth partner isn’t a hugely valued piece of the puzzle. I’ll admit, I wasn’t fully aware of just how important the birth partner role is until I came across Sallyann’s work. Listening to her podcast and reading her book was so eye opening. This series is a wonderful resource for birth partners- I recommend it to all my clients. The episodes at the start of the series are short and sweet and tackle one topic at a time- so it’s really convenient to digest. The series then evolves into interviews with industry experts, covering a range of topics from hyperemesis gravidarum to Maternity services. 

Notable episodes

  • The reality of being a birth partner and supporting labour and birth
  • Home birth, free birth and birth autonomy with Samantha Gadsden
  • Physiological birth and top tips to achieving one- with Birth Keeper- Kemi Johnson 

5. The positive induction podcast 

Unfortunately the induction rate in the UK is on the rise, around 1 in 5 women have their births induced. That number is even higher if you count a stretch and sweep as an induction- which I do, because it is. (A sweep is intended to artificially start labour) The NICE guidelines published in 2021, stated that “Women should be offered induced labour earlier than previously advised, women with uncomplicated  pregnancies should be offered induction at 41 weeks and the induction should take place as soon as possible.”

In other words, more women are being advised to have inductions. (I won’t go into my opinion on this here.)

I think it’s a good idea to inform yourself about the induction process, how it works, how to navigate it, what options are available and finally- listen to to some positive induction stories- to empower yourself with a bank of positive examples. This is where the positive induction podcast comes in. 

If you’re facing the possibility of an induced birth, then binge listen to this podcast, there are only 14 episodes, so it’s totally manageable and could make all the difference. 

Notable episodes: 

  • Will hypnobirthing help for your induction
  • When homebirth turns to hospital birth
  • What makes an induction traumatic with Alex Heath 

If this list isn’t enough to keep you going, then I also would really recommend these podcasts too. 

  1. Evidence based birth podcast
  2. Welcome to the womb
  3. Down to birth
You might also want to check out my top 10 book recommendations for preparing for birth. 

Happy listening and reading, remember, knowledge is power! 

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