Hypnobirthing  is suitable for every kind of birth- whether that’s a water birth in your living room, an induction with an epidural or a C-section.

Many people believe that hypnobirthing is just for those who are looking for natural, drug-free births. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Hypnobirthing equips you with confidence, knowledge and practical tools which you can use to remain calm and in control during your birth. If you experience a medicalised birth, then the hypnobirthing tools will be invaluable in helping you to remain in control throughout. 

Yes of course, hypnobirthing is suitable for all types of birth, from a natural drug free birth to an elective caesarean. The course will teach you about all of the pain relief options including drugs. This will ensure that you are able to make an informed decision about the pain relief options that you want to use, if any. 

Whether you are planning an elective, have agreed to a caesarean or if your birth takes an unexpected turn and you have an unplanned caesarean, hypnobirthing will be invaluable in helping you to have a positive experience. One of the main benefits is the knowledge you will gain from the course, so that you are able to play an active role at every stage of your birth. You will be able to make informed decisions and ensure that you feel in control throughout. 

The course will also teach you how to have a ‘natural’ caesarean. This involves a series of elements which you can request from your caregivers to ensure that your environment and experience is as natural, personal and special, and not simply a medical event. 

It’s never too early or too late to start the course. Generally, I work with women between 20-30 weeks of pregnancy. The longer you have to practice the techniques the better, but equally, even if you are late on in your pregnancy, an understanding of hypnobirthing could still change everything, after all, a bit of preparation is better than no preparation at all!

For many of us,  it is likely that we will only have seen hypnosis on TV, with people being hypnotised on stage to perform strange actions. This leads to a common misconception that hypnosis required you to give up control of your mind and body. However this couldn’t be further from the truth, hypnosis is about internal mind control, the ability to change the way you think and act. 

By using hypnosis techniques, we will begin to reframe any negative connotations which you may have built up over the years. We will replace these with positive thoughts and affirmations enabling your mind to stay calm, relaxed and in control throughout your labour. This will in turn affect how your body works, as where the mind leads, the body follows. 

Yes, definitely! Your birth partner is able to play an integral role throughout your pregnancy and birth, so we welcome birth partners with open arms! My husband Matt would be more than happy to answer any questions from any sceptic soon-to-be Fathers if you have any questions. Matt was once a sceptic about hypnobirthing, but I’m happy to say he is a complete convert now!

Current research shows that women who prepare for labour through the practice of hypnobirthing experience overall shorter labours with less intervention and reach for less pharmacological methods of pain relief,” says Rossiter. That’s not to say that hypnobirthing can’t still be incredibly effective for women who choose to use epidurals or accept medical intervention.

Hypnobirthing tools enable women to feel calm, confident and in control throughout their birth.

There are a variety of hypnobirthing techniques which you will use during labour:

  • Breathing techniques to enable you to remain calm

  • Breathing techniques to enable you to breathe your baby down

  • Positive affirmations to focus on to keep you calm and confident

  • A practical decision making process which can be called upon throughout to weigh up the various decisions that you will need to make

  • Relaxation techniques and tools to keep your environment calm and safe

  • Words and phrases to use to cultivate calm 

  • The knowledge you will have gained about the physiology of birth from the course will be invaluable as you will be fully aware of what is happening at each stage so that you’re able to play an active role in your birth